PreCleaner Max

High effective prespotting and pre-brushing agent for dry cleaning in PERC


  • Perfect water-soluble stains removal power.
  • High level of safety during pre-spotting and pre-brushing operations.
  • Consist special stabilize component for PERC.
  • Low foam formation during distillation with PLEX agents for dry cleaning.
  • Recommended for light-colored garments.


  1. Nonionic surfactants (>30%);
  2. Glycols (15-30%);
  3. Anionic surfactants (5-15%);
  4. Cationic surfactants (5-15%);
  5. Water.


24 months, storage in closed containers in dry place. Protect from sunlight. Approx. temp. +5 – +40°С (41 – 104°F).


Spray or brush undiluted or diluted agent (see below) onto extremely dirty areas (sleeves, hems, collar, underarms, pockets) and allow maintain approx. 10 minutes before treatment in cleaning machine (only PERC).

There are different methods of applying (dilution):

  • For pre-brushing unsensitive garments, apply undiluted agent by brushing on.
  • For robust textiles with water-resistant dyes, PLEX PreCleaner Start can be mixed with water to ratios of 1:1 to 1:2.
  • It is possible to mixed with PERC to ratios of 1:2 to 1:3. Solvent must have good quality, without traces of acidic decomposition. Working only with good ventilation and breathing protection. We do not recommend to use this type of application.

For pre-spotting and pre-brushing of more delicate textiles we recommend the use of PLEX PreCleaner Delicate

Undiluted PLEX PreCleaner Sil also can be used for removing strong water-soluble soils.

Examples of recommended detergents for using in dry-cleaning machine:

  • Common single-bath procedure, preventing of static electricity formation: single bath – DryCleaner B;
  • Two-bath procedure for heavy soiled garments: 1st bath – DryCleaner A, 2nd bath – DryCleaner B;
  • Single-bath procedure for heavy soiled garments: single bath – DryCleaner SC.


Suitable for any types of linen and garments


  • Use safety gloves, protect your eyes!
  • Take care of appropriate breathing protection.
  • In case of spraying-application breathing protection is obligatory!